“Elena Steri has quickly established herself as a purveyor of charming and personal music with a knack for subtle layering.  A masterclass in emotive songwriting.”

-Nothing But Hope And Passion

“A true gem that I overlooked at first. We’ve run the premiere for one of the videos on this EP, and Elena Steri’s compelling and powerful art pop made me fall in love with her music instantly.”

“Je öfter man sich “Chaotic Energy” anhört, umso beeindruckter ist man zwangsläufig. Elena Steri präsentiert Detailreichtum, der weit über das übliche Maß hinausgeht.”

Soft but forceful.
Noisy at times, but still nuanced.
Once you listen to Elena Steri, those seemingly contradictory descriptions will suddenly start making a lot of sense. Her delicate voice and her remarkably roomy yet playful vocal layering radiate warmth and may remind you of artists like Ex:Re, Feist or Hanne Hukkelberg. Her complex musical art pop arrangements stretch from heavy synths over spliced field-recordings to wavering guitar riffs and will reel you in with their versatile combination from the very first note.
Her songwriting doesn’t ask to be put in a box, it asks to break out of it. In her music, Elena Steri talks about topics like mental health or what it means to her to be a non-male person and she asks for change with an outspokenness that is demanding and yet hopeful to succeed. Each of her songs tells its own lyrical and musical story, which is what makes listening to them an altogether wholesome experience.

Growing up in Sardinia in a small house by the sea, she caught onto the chance of using a variety of bilingual musical influences from early on, but did not start performing onstage until she was almost 20 years old. And maybe keeping her work hidden away from public judgement for a long time is what now makes her music feel so uncompromisingly honest and close to her in the first place.
Elena then quickly latched onto the idea of pursuing music as a career and put out her first produced EP entitled „Chaotic Energy“ over the Berlin-based label ListenRecords back in 2020. Since then she has collaborated and worked with several artists on the ascending branch (e.g. Blackout Problems, NOVAA, A Tale Of Golden Keys) and recently started scoring for several cinematic projects.




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Past Shows

24 Jun 2022 Elena Steri (Duo) + Strings Fürth, GER Freilichtbühne Freilichtbühne
04 Jun 2022 Koll An Aktioun Festival (Solo) Luxemburg, LU Musée de l'Ardoise Musée de l'Ardoise
24 May 2022 Elena Steri (Solo) Passau, GER Zeughaus Zeughaus
19 May 2022 Elena Steri (Solo) Hannover, GER Lamperie Lamperie
14 May 2022 Fight Back Festival (Solo) Nürnberg, GER
07 May 2022 Elena Steri (Duo) Mannheim, GER Popakademie Popakademie
06 May 2022 Me & Reas Support (Solo) München, GER Kult9 Kult9
23 Apr 2022 Elena Steri (BAND) Köln, GER c/o pop Festival c/o pop Festival
30 Mar 2022 Elena Steri DUO Regensburg, GER
08 Mar 2022 Elena Steri (BAND) Erlangen, GER E-Werk E-Werk
23 Oct 2021 Elena Steri (BAND) Nürnberg, GER Club Stereo Club Stereo
09 Oct 2021 Elena Steri SOLO Nürnberg, GER Klarakirche, Orange Quarter Klarakirche, Orange Quarter
10 Sep 2021 Elena Steri SOLO Erlangen, GER E-Werk E-Werk
09 Sep 2021 Elena Steri (BAND) Hamburg, GER Knust Knust
19 Aug 2021 Elena Steri DUO Berlin, GER Festsaal Kreuzberg Festsaal Kreuzberg



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